Commission Process

Let's bring your vision to life

No matter if your commission is small, big or multiple, I'll provide guidance and support from start to finish.



Know exactly what you want? Or maybe you have an idea but you're not quite sure about the fine details?

Let's talk! I have experience creating animations from scratch, or working together with other designers and artists. I can advise on the approach and the best way forward for the animation.

Research & Design

Research takes place to help identify the creative approach and build the "look and feel" concept. Here I will collate and create a design board where we'll review the development direction.

If after a second review, changes are requested that are significantly different from the original idea, this will be charged at an hourly rate of £20 p/h and billed separately at the end of the project. This additional payment will be required to release the final delivery file from the watermark.

Digital Artwork

Digital artworking begins to create the art assets required for the animation.

I'll give updates along the way and we'll review the initial stylings for approval. Once we're happy with the creative direction the artwork is then finished off with the final detailing and colours.

 Animation & Rendering

The art asset is imported for its first animation draft. A watermarked version will be rendered for review, this is usually a freeze-framed sequence to help review the timings and movements. 

After approval of the draft, the animation is then finessed and finalised. The video is then rendered to the required format for delivery.

* If amends are requested the animation draft will be reworked for a second review. Any further amends required after this stage will be charged at £20 p/h and billed at the end of the project. This additional charge will need to be paid to release the final delivery file from its watermark.